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Pivotal Chiropractic & Wellness in Mankato, MN is a corrective care based office. Our primary focus is finding long term correction for patient’s problems instead of a temporary fix. We do this by first, sitting down with you and figuring out why you set up the appointment and most importantly what health goals you want to achieve as the result of your care. Your goals could be as simple as being pain free so that you can do more activities in your life or it could be to be healthier overall. It is our job to get you to that goal.

We start by finding out what is causing your problem or your aches or pains. If needed we utilize a specialized style of X-ray called a Motion Study that lets us find out specifically where your problem is and what is causing it. This takes any guess work out of it so we can find out what’s causing the problem and get it corrected.

Mankato Chiropractic Clinic

We adjust two different ways: 1) Manual technique- This technique is where Dr. Baumann provides quick thrusts to the spine to remove misalignments. Many times this leads to cavitations in the spine where you might hear a “pop” or a “crack.” 2) If patients don’t like a more manual approach we also offer a lower force option where we use an instrument that provides quick low force taps to the spine that removes misalignments. Both techniques get the same great results, it just depends on the patient’s preference. Often times if needed we provide different therapies, rehabilitation exercises, and stretches.

Each patient is set up with a unique care plan. No patient is the same, no problem is the same, and therefore every patient gets care customized to them.

Dr. Baumann continuously learns the most current techniques and uses the latest technology so that you know when you start treatment you are getting the best care in the Mankato area.