Dr. Tucker BaumannTucker Baumann, MD is a native of Washta, Iowa. After finishing high school at River Valley, he studied for two years at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa, before opting to pursue a career in chiropractic. To further his education, Dr. Baumann attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. Soon after completing his education, Dr. Baumann found work as an associate in the states of Iowa and Minnesota. Along the course of his profession, he was able to visit Brazil and provide his services as a chiropractor in the city of Manaus. Dr. Baumann has always been curious about cutting-edge medical developments, so he can improve his approach to patient care and achieve the greatest possible outcomes. If he has to, he can use the in-house X-ray equipment at his practice to get a better look at the issue.

The remedial based approach is Dr. Baumann’s area of expertise. He saw that after seeing a chiropractor, many patients would feel better for a while, but then they’d be back to square one. Dr. Baumann has adopted a corrective approach to chiropractic therapy, wherein he works with patients to accomplish their treatment goals and discover permanent cure for their pain, rather than just providing short-term comfort. Pivotal Chiropractic, led by Dr. Baumann, has provided residents of the Greater Mankato region with chiropractic care that has improved their comfort, efficiency, and well-being.

Spending time with his family—wife Kate and son Otto—is one of Dr. Baumann’s favorite pastimes. They usually gather around the lake for barbecuing and chatting around campfires. On vacation, they frequently visit the northern part of Minnesota to go hiking and witness the autumn foliage. The Chicago Bears and the Iowa Hawkeyes are two teams that Dr. Baumann enjoys watching on the gridiron.