Day 1:

Upon entering our office you will be greeted at the front desk.  If you have insurance you would like to submit to we will ask that you bring in your insurance card and a driver’s license.  We will have you fill out our new patient paperwork which will ask you questions about what brought you into the office.  After completing that you will be brought back to the consultation room where you will meet with Dr. Baumann and go over what brought you into the office.  It is at this point where he will delve deeper into your health concerns as well as your goals of care.

After the consultation is over we will start the exam.  Every Exam is different depending on your health concern.  He may perform range of motion tests, palpation, reflex testing and muscle strength testing.  If warranted the patient will receive x-rays that day.  Pivotal Chiropractic uses a special x-ray technique called a Motion Study to better diagnose you problem.  It will take Dr. Baumann a day to go over your x-ray and get a care plan that will fit your goals. 

Day 2:

On your second day Dr. Baumann will go over the results of your exam and x-ray with you.  He will explain to you what he see’s is the problem and then you will talk about what treatment looks like.  Every care plan is different for each patient.  He will also go over what insurance covers and finances before care is started.

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